For Mobile Web Applications

Motion.JS is a swift javascript framework, which includes a bundle of useful components leveraging the cool new features from HTML5. Like the name 'Motion', most Motion.JS components are behavior focused, it's a piece of cake for you to custom their UI styles. In addition, Motion.JS is built on top of Zepto, the minimalist JavaScript library for modern browsers.

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Specially For Mobile

Born for building mobile web application.


Simple And Swift

Independent of UI, Behavior focused, Tons of API with configurable options.



Includes many useful and creative components, Support on-demand component packaging.

Recommended Components

Some useful and cool components recommended by Motion.JS.


Developers: cnwander, Aiden

Designers:狗哥, 佩佩

Editors: DG, LV


Send your advice and problems to Motion Team via the link below:

Github issue tracker